Body Cameras

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In late 1999, the New Providence Police Department purchased and deployed cameras for use in our police vehicle fleet. In October of 2016, the New Providence Police Department expanded that program and deployed body-worn video cameras for our uniformed police officers. The cameras are used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General and incorporated into our agency standing operating procedures.

Effective policing is achieved through strong partnerships with all of our citizens. Body-worn cameras will be mounted to an officer's uniform. The cameras will point away from the officer and will capture images in the camera's field of vision. Citizens who interact with police officers will be recorded on body camera footage. The following images include the type of camera we use and how they be worn by uniformed and civilian-attired officers.

Body Camera with a Police Uniform
Body Camera with a Police Uniform and Jacket
Body Camera on a Civilian Attired Officer