Wastewater Operations

Local RiverThis department is responsible for the maintenance of the treatment plant, as well as the pipes coming into the plant (collection system). The treatment plant is a 1.5 million gallons per day (MGD), level 3, secondary treatment plant with one primary clarifier, two high-rate trickling filters, (one plastic media, one rock media), one secondary clarifier, and a disinfection/dichlorination tank. Wastewater flows into the treatment plant up to 3.0 MGD are pumped through Summit to the Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties in Elizabeth for final treatment. Wastewater flows exceeding 3.0 MGD, and in-plant capacity, are treated with the plant processes, disinfected with sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), and dechlorinated with sulfur dioxide before discharging into the Passaic River. The collection system is made up of 55 miles of collection pipes, and one lift station.

Report after-hour sewer blockages to the New Providence Police Department at 908-665-1111.

We are located at Park Place off of Commonwealth Avenue.