What program must I attend, and where is it?

If you are sentenced as a first offender, you will be detained, educated, and evaluated for at least six hours each day on two consecutive days, a total of 12 hours, in your county IDRC. If you are sentenced as a second offender and not sentenced to jail or inpatient treatment, you will be detained, educated and evaluated during a period of 48 consecutive hours in a regional facility. If you are sentenced as a third offender, the court may sentence you to jail or to an inpatient alcoholism treatment program or both. IDP will schedule you to appear at the 12-hour IDRC for follow up. You may be required to participate in additional treatment or self help. In all cases you must satisfy the program, fee and treatment requirements of IDP/IDRC before your license is restored.

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2. What program must I attend, and where is it?
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