What is IDP/IDRC?

The Intoxicated Driving Program is a unit of the Division of Addiction Services of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. The IDRCs are units of, or contractors to, the 21 counties. IDP schedules you for the 12 or 48-Hour IDRC program and notifies Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) when you have completed or failed to comply. IDP staff work with the IDRCs to insure that you are treated fairly under the law.

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1. How Does the Program Apply to Me?
2. What program must I attend, and where is it?
3. If I don’t live in new jersey, must I still comply?
4. What if I don’t participate?
5. What happens at the IDRC?
6. What does the education program do?
7. What happens after I have been detained and evaluated?
8. What about my driver’s license?
9. What is IDP/IDRC?
10. How much does it cost?