Engineering Department

Trees Next to a RoadThe Engineering Department provides support services to all municipal departments including Building, Public Works, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Administration and Recreation. The Engineering Department reviews and provides design services for various municipal construction projects, including roadways, parking lots, parks, and building improvements.

This department is also responsible for the engineering review of applications submitted to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and Construction Department; issuing permits for individuals and utility companies for road openings; and review and design of sanitary sewers and storm sewers. We also interact with residents and others having inquiries regarding property questions pertaining to easements, sewers, drainage, etc.

The Engineering Department is involved with and coordinates grants and projects with Union County, New Jersey Department of Transportation, and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The Department is also responsible for coordinating and enforcing the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Regulations adopted in April 2004.

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