New Providence Alliance

The New Providence Alliance maintains a consistent presence in our community each year, striving to keep our citizens aware of current trends in drug and alcohol abuse impacting all of our lives.

We are funded by a grant from the Governor's Council of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, the Borough of New Providence and via our fundraising efforts.

The Alliance conducts programs that reach individuals in every age bracket of our community.

If you would like to learn more about how the NP Alliance serves our community or if you are interested in volunteering on our committee, please like our pages on FB: @NPAlliance, Instagram: @newprovalliance, or email New Providence.

For information on additional Programs sponsored by the New Providence Alliance please click on the Programs link below and see the Community Calendar for meetings and events.

The Alliance needs your support to continue to provide these and other great services to our community. We welcome new ideas and members!

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Consider joining The Alliance. The Alliance normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month, and always meets at 7 pm using the Video Conference.
  • Be sure to "like" us on Facebook: @NPAlliance and Instagram: @NPMunicipalAlliance
  • Donate your used and unwanted clothing at our Donation Bins by the EMT (across from the Recreation Department)

New Providence Alliance Members and Officers

The New Providence Alliance is a volunteer organization providing education and prevention programs to heighten public awareness of drug and alcohol abuse.

2022 to 2023 Committee Members

  • Ralph Parmegiani, Committee Chair
  • Liz Lee, Coordinator
  • Mike Iacovelli, Secretary
  • Hayden Larocque Green, Student Liaison
  • Detective Michael Carlino, NPPD Liaison
  • Dave Chango, NPHS Student Asst Counselor
  • Rebecca Coniglio, Board of Ed Liaison
  • Nadine Geoffrey and Lisa McKnight, Borough Council Liaisons
  • Harrison Clewell
  • James Madden
  • Debbie Merrick
  • Joe Narciso
  • Joe Pergola
  • Tara Smith

For more information about the Alliance or for volunteer opportunities, please email us at