Council Goals

Borough Council Goals & Objectives

1)    Develop and maintain public infrastructure, facilities, and transportation to improve community appearance and encourage continued economic development.

a)    Continue to work with the architect to develop a plan to renovate the police department that focuses on compliance, needs for work environment and best practices. (Public Safety/Engineering & Construction)

b)    Continue to upgrade our recreation facilities. (Community Activities/Capital Review)

i)    Pickleball Courts

ii)    Walking Path/Hitting wall at tennis court complex

iii)    Lions Park Playground

c)    Continue with the annual road maintenance program (Public Works)

d)    Investigate the cost associated with replacing the garages in the DPW yard. (Public Works/Engineering & Construction)

e)    Replace the fascia surrounding the Municipal Center that has fallen into disrepair (Engineering & Construction)

f)    Replace the roof at the Municipal Center and the Library. (Engineering & Construction)

g)    Continue to work with the Safe Routes to School design teams to implement the 2016, 2018 & 2022 grants. (Engineering & Construction)

h)    Continue to work with the beautification committee in identifying areas that need to be addressed in the downtown area. (Beautification)

i)    To complete the Film Ready New Jersey Certification and marketing program to accommodate on location filming in New Providence. (Administration)

2)    Lead in managerial best practices through strong stewardship of public funds, being an employer of choice, and providing technologically innovative and transparent public service.

a)    Produce a 2024 budget that seeks to respond to service expectations of the community, appropriately addresses unmet needs, responds to growing inflation and is fiscally responsible. (Finance)

b)    Continue to seek grants to support the Borough’s goals. (Finance)

c)    Complete a revaluation of all real property within the borough according to its full and fair value. (Finance)

d)    Continue to explore opportunities for shared services with the County and other municipalities. (Shared Services)

e)    Identify opportunities to cross-train employees in finance software, payroll system & purchasing. (Personnel)

f)    Supervise and monitor employees transitioning to new roles because of retirements. (Personnel)

g)    Recruit and train new Finance Office personnel. (Personnel)

h)    Continue to provide opportunities for professional development. (Personnel)

i)    Compile new and updated job descriptions for Borough job positions, working with departments to ensure that all job responsibilities are included in descriptions. (Personnel)

j)    Examine the employee evaluation process. (Personnel)

k)    Investigate the need for an additional part-time position for social media/publicity. (Personnel)

l)    Develop a 5-year strategic plan. (Administration)

m)    Investigate companies that would electronically preserve municipal files eliminating the need for paper files and space. (Administration)

n)    Continue to work with vendor to Codify Ordinances. (Administration)

o)    Evaluate and update communication plan. (Communication)

3)    Protect resident health, safety, and education by promoting public safety, environmental health, and sustainability.

a)    Update the Forest Management Plan & NJUCF Accreditation - Tree Protection Ordinance - Tree Hazard Inventory - Tree Maintenance Programs - Tree Planting Programs. (Admin/Sustainability)

b)    Update Sustainability awareness policy.  Current policy for Sustainability retires in 2023. (Admin/Sustainability)

c)    Assess options for energy efficient buildings, vehicles, and other purchases in the operating and budget and capital plan. (Admin/Capital Review)

d)    Seek to gain Silver Certification from Sustainable NJ in order to create a better future in New Providence - one that secures economic, environmental and societal well-being. (Sustainability)

e)    Replace the two boilers in the basement with more energy efficient HVAC units to heat and cool the gym and lower level of the Municipal Building. (Engineering & Construction)

f)    Replace the windows at the Municipal Center to be more energy efficient and safe. (Engineering & Construction)

g)    Conduct an energy audit of all municipal buildings. (Engineering & Construction)

h)    Install EV charging stations and begin to evaluate EV vehicles for the police department in 2025. (Engineering & Construction)

i)    Continue to monitor utility upgrades throughout the borough. (DPW)

j)    Investigate the expansion of the recycling area. (DPW)

k)    Continue to implement plans to increase pedestrian safety. (Public Safety)

l)    Conduct annual public hearing on traffic improvements and future needs. (Public Safety)

4)    Promote borough unity and support our increasingly diverse community by encouraging community connectivity, fostering civic pride, and improving resident health and wellness.

a)    Evaluate the current Council Committees and procedure SOP’s (Administration/Communication)

i)    Revolution NJ
ii)    Affordable Housing
iii)    Committee Size 

b)    Continue to work with our downtown businesses to improve the economy, appearance, and image of the downtown business district. (DID/BPA)

c)    Encourage citizen involvement. (Administration)