Child Safety Tips

New Providence Police Department would like to remind all residents that we need your help to combat crime and keep our town safe. You can do this by reporting all suspicious incidents to the police department at 908-665-1111. All too often we become complacent and overlook things that are going on around us as we go about our daily activities. As involved citizens, you become additional eyes and ears for the police department, and improve our crime prevention efforts.

We often hear comments while investigating crimes in town like, "I saw that car or person, and I thought something wasn't right." Many times a simple call to the police department could have resulted in the apprehension of a criminal or the prevention of a crime or incident. Never hesitate to call the police if you observe something that you feel is suspicious- you feel that way for a reason. Trust your intuition! Always try to get a description of the suspicious persons or vehicles and get the license plate if you can do so safely without putting yourself in danger.

Child Safety Tips

The following tips are suggestions to help keep your children safe:

  1. Know where your children are at all times and whom they are with.
  2. Never leave your child alone in public places, strollers, or cars.
  3. Always accompany younger children to a public restroom.
  4. Teach your children not to accept rides or gifts from strangers.
  5. Always accompany your children with door-to-door activities, i.e. Halloween, fundraising activities etc.
  6. Establish a routine for picking up your children from school or other events.
  7. Agree on a simple code word for emergency situations. A trusted adult will have to know the code word for your child to accept a ride from them.
  8. Make sure your child knows their full name, address, and phone number.
  9. Teach your children how they can reach you at home, office, or cell phone.
  10. Teach your children how to call the police.
  11. Have a plan in case your child gets separated from you in a public place, such as a set meeting place.
  12. Teach your child about strength in numbers and how they are safer in groups of friends.
  13. Tell your children about stranger abductions in simple and easy-to-understand terms. Awareness can help keep them safe.
  14. Avoid dressing your children in clothing with their names on it. A child may not fear someone who calls them by name.
  15. Promote a family environment where your children feel free to talk to you about anything.
  16. Listen closely when your child talks about friends or acquaintances they may spend time with in your absence.
  17. Check all babysitters and older friends of your children
  18. Urge your children to think escape/survival if they were ever to be abducted.
  19. Get to know your neighbors and their children. Make sure they know your house is safe and they can seek you out for help.

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