Senior Links & Resources

  1. Medical Alert Program

    The Medical Alert Program administered by the Rotary Club of Berkeley Heights is designed to help those living on their own to get assistance in the event of an emergency when at home but not able to use a telephone. Call 908-665-0046 for more information.

  2. SAGE Eldercare

    SAGE is a nonprofit organization which provides programs and services to meet the changing needs of older adults, their families, and caregivers.

  3. Senior Citizens Council

    The Senior Citizens Council is a non-profit organization which provides informational and educational services and programs to seniors in the area.

  4. Union County Department of Human Services - Division on Aging

    The Division on Aging’s Information and Assistance team can assist you in locating services including, but not limited to, home care; legal services; nutrition; nursing homes, assisted living facilities; reverse mortgages; visiting physician /dentists; caregiver assistance programs; utility problems and questions about Medicare Part D. Please call the Division on Aging at 908-527-4870, or toll free at 888-280-8226.

  5. Union County Paratransit

    The Union County Paratransit System is a curb-to-curb transport service specializing in transportation of senior citizens (age 60 or older), persons with disabilities and/or economically disadvantaged residents of Union County.