County Government Links

  1. Union County Prosecutor

    Home Page for Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

  2. Union County Economic Development Corporation

    A private, nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development in Union County.

  3. Union County Emergency Management

    Trains for, maintains equipment for, and responds to disasters and emergencies and coordinates county and regional response and provides Hazardous Materials Response Team.

  4. Union County Household Hazardous Waste Recycling

    Union County household special waste collection dates.

  5. Union County, New Jersey

    The official web site of Union County, of which New Providence is a part.

  6. Union County - Local Information Communication System (LINCS)

    County-wide Local Information Communication System that supports interactive reporting, health data analysis,and the dissemination of public health information between the County of Union, local health departments, health care providers, emergency responders and the State Department of Health and Senior Services.