Sister City

Flower MoundIn 2002, New Providence became sister cities with Flower Mound, Texas. Residents of Flower Mound wanted to do something special and lasting for a community that had been impacted by the attacks on September 11th. After researching areas in New York/New Jersey that lost citizens in the attacks, they found New Providence and learned about the new addition of Centennial Park. Upon talking to New Providence officials, the coordinators from Flower Mound knew that this would be the perfect place for a memorial site that they wished to donate.

Flower Mound citizens decided to create an eight-foot square granite memorial that could be placed in Centennial Park. On the memorial was artwork designed by 15-year-old twins from Forestwood Middle School in Flower Mound. The memorial was originally going to be put in the center of Centennial park. However, when Borough officials saw the memorial, they were so touched that they created a platform so that the memorial could be prominently displayed at the front of the park. Local volunteers built a wall and walkway to enhance viewing of the monument.

This memorial came about strictly as a volunteer effort by regular citizens who wanted to show their support for our community. Perhaps the inscription in the memorial summarizes it best:

"To the people of New Providence from the people of Flower Mound, Texas. We offer this memorial as our solemn pledge to remember you. Because of September 11, 2001, we unite in brotherhood to share your grief, offer strength in community and embrace hope for America's future."

Learn more about Flower Mound on their website.