Traffic Safety Bureau


The mission of the New Providence Police Department's Traffic Safety Bureau is to promote traffic safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists within the Borough of New Providence.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Investigation of all serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes, as well as all hit and run motor vehicle crashes that occur within the borough;
  • Management of the Police Departments School Crossing Guard Program including training and evaluations;
  • Review all Police Crash Investigation Reports for accuracy and completeness;
  • Promote an awareness of and provide public education on matters relating to traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety;
  • Deploy traffic counters and speed measuring devices in order to make recommendations for traffic calming initiatives on roadways within the borough;
  • Conduct enforcement details on those roadways where serious and/or persistent traffic violations are reported;
  • Address line-of-sight complaints along borough roadways;
  • Coordinate street closes, devise detours and address traffic direction and control concerns resulting from road construction projects and other special events;
  • Manage the department's fleet of police vehicles, variable message boards, and other other emergency equipment;
  • Process and approve block party, dumpster, and other required permits;
  • Developing and managing grants through the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety;


Child Safety Seat Installation & Inspection

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of deaths of children over the age of six months in the United States. The proper use of child car seats is one of simplest and most effective methods available for protecting the lives of our children in the event of a motor vehicle crash. Only the correct use of child car seats will offer the protection that children need.

The New Providence Police Department continues it dedication to traffic and passenger safety by providing child safety seat installation and inspection services to residents of New Providence. There is no fee for this service however an appointment is required.

To schedule an appointment for child car seat installation or inspection please call 908-665-1111 and follow the prompts for Child Safety Seat Installation or email Stephen Drown.

One Street a Week

The New Providence Police Department is working to reduce hazardous driving through its "One Street a Week" campaign. The purpose of the program is to coordinate education and enforcement efforts on one borough street each week with the goal of reducing speeding and other dangerous traffic violations through an established and ongoing police presence.

Traffic Complaints

When the Traffic Safety Bureau receives a traffic safety and/or speeding complaint, typically the first step in the resolution of the complaint is to conduct a speed and/or traffic study. While the anecdotal experiences of residents are important, the data in the speed and/or traffic study is the main driver in how the Traffic Safety Bureau responds in an effective and efficient manner. Traffic studies provide the following vital information:

  • 85th Percentile Speed (the speed at or below 85% of vehicles travel);
  • Average Speed;
  • Vehicle Count;
  • Most Effective Times for Enforcement.

To file a traffic complaint or to request a traffic study you may contact a member of the Traffic Safety Bureau, Submit a request through the Borough's Action Line, or complete and submit a Traffic Complaint Form.

Traffic & Circulation Improvement Plan

New Providence Police VehicleThe 2021 to 2023 Traffic and Circulation Improvement Plan defines our goals, establishes policies, and prioritizes infrastructure upgrades and improvements in the Borough of New Providence, to reduce the risk of incidents on our roadways, trails, and sidewalks, today, and in the future. It is a collaborative effort among safety stakeholders that include the Mayor, Borough Council, Public Safety Partners, our local school district, local residents, and other private sector partners. The plan aims to improve our transportation infrastructure, and to guide new development within the network. By planning for improvements and growth, it will ensure we meet the current and future needs for all modes of travel, including cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit.

This plan is considered a "living document" that will be updated periodically to reflect the demands of our residents, visitors, schools, and business.

Recent Speed Studies