P.A.C.T. Watch


What is P.A.C.T. Watch?

P.A.C.T. Watch is the New Providence Police Department’s residential crime program which has been created for the Police Department to provide the public with crime information and area specific information in a timely manner.  Each area will be assigned two police officers who will be designated P.A.C.T. “Watch Leaders” and will disseminate information or make home visits.  These home visits may include a home security inspection or follow-up to a question or investigation.  The purpose of this program is to build better communication lines, educate the community on emergency preparedness, and provide a greater sense of security and control.


What, when, and how to report?

Any suspicious activity that needs immediate action should be called in directly to the Police Department either by calling 9-1-1 for emergencies or by calling the non-emergency line of 908-665-1111.  Any information or questions that are not time sensitive should be emailed to your P.A.C.T. Watch Leaders.  If in doubt on whether or not something needs immediate action, err on the side of caution and make the call immediately.

*Residents or “Watch Members” are reminded that they are the eyes and ears of the community and are not to engage with any individuals who are suspected of criminal activity.  

What services are provided through P.A.C.T. Watch?

  1. Receive information via email in a timely manner
  2. Personalized response from the Police Department's Watch Leaders
  3. Scheduled home and business visits for security evaluations and suggestions
  4. Periodic information sharing and “meet/greet” sessions with specific zones and their Watch Leaders
  5. Updated home surveillance list to assist detectives/officers with follow-up investigations
  6. P.A.C.T. Members will also be placed on the New Providence P.A.C.T. Newsletter list

What zone am I in and who are my P.A.C.T. Watch Leaders?

The four zones mirror the DPW bulk-pick up zones.  CLICK THIS ZONE MAP to locate which zone you are in then click on the corresponding links below.  To be added to the area specific zones, you need to sign in and then click on the links below each zone.

Zone 1A: From Mountain Avenue at Union Avenue north to the railroad tracks east to South Street.   

 CLICK HERE for Zone 1A

Email Zone 1A Leaders Detective Christian Cely and Officer Marcos Martinez at:  PACTWatch1A@nppolice.org

Zone 1B: From Mountain Avenue at Division Avenue north to the railroad tracks west to South Street including Grove Terrace and Lavina Court.

CLICK HERE for Zone 1B

Email Zone 1B Leaders Detective Andrew Lynch and Officer Gregory Miller at:  PACTWatch1B@nppolice.org

Zone 2: From entire length of the railroad tracks north to Springfield Avenue.

CLICK HERE for Zone 2

Email Zone 2 Leaders Detective Michael Carlino and Officer Carly Bouman at:  PACTWatch2@nppolice.org

Zone 3: From the entire length of Springfield Avenue north to the Chatham Township border.

CLICK HERE for Zone 3

Email Zone 3 Leaders Detective Sergeant Chad Wilson and Officer Kevin Gutierrez at:  PACTWatch3@nppolice.org

To view the PDF presentation from the February 7, 2024 Crime Trends and P.A.C.T. Watch introduction, please CLICK HERE.